Saving your own seeds can be a real money saver but more importantly, you can, over time, develop a particular line of seeds unique to your garden, having evolved to best suit your conditions. Read the articles in this series to learn more about saving the specific types of seeds.



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Cucumber seeds are very easy to save and usually have little problem with moulds if properly dried before storage. Unused cucumber seeds will keep for 5 years and still sprout reliably.  If you have a plant that does very well and you intend to buy the same variety of seeds next year why not give saving your own seeds a try?</p>
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<h3>To save your cucumber seeds:</h3>
<li>leave fruits on the plant until the skin becomes brown and leathery</li>
<li>peel the fruit by slicing close to the centre core where the seeds are</li>
<li>put that core into a bucket of water</li>
<li>use your hands to squish the core to seperate out the seeds from the core flesh</li>
<li>let the seeds sit in the water for a few days</li>
<li>gather the seeds which have sunk to the bottom</li>
<li>dry these seeds at room temperature for 3-4 weeks</li>
<li>choose the nicest, biggest seeds that are plump, and store them in a dry cool area</li>
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