The pre-1883 Mexican/American heirloom cultivar Pink Jumbo Banana Squash is a member of the the Family Cucurbitaceae, genus Cucurbita, Species maxima. It is also known as Jumbo Pink Banana Squash and Banana Pink Jumbo Squash.  Squashes have a long, banana shape with  ribs, and a salmon-orange skin colour. It can vary in size from 3 kg to  16 kg.  and matures in 105 to 110 days.  

The Pink Jumbo Banana Squash has a  vining growth habit and will reach 30 cm – 90cm in height.   It needs full sun.  The squash should be planted after the last frost 1.2 – 1.8 m apart, with 6 to 8 seeds in each inverted hill.  This squash enjoys a slightly acidic to neutral ph in well drained soil that contains lots of organic matter.  The squash should be harvested when the colour is solid, the rind is firm and the vine is beginning to die.

All squash plants are monoecious, meaning they have both male and female parts on the same plant. The seed is open pollinated.  To collect the seeds first allow the fruit to ripen and then remove the seeds, clean and dry them and store in a dry container.

Insect pests include leaf bugs, beetles and stem borers and larger pests can include rodents, deer and birds.

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