Welcome to the Growing My Dinner blog! My name is Lori Wardell and I am the blogger in this little garden plot on the internet. I created this blog to share information and my experience of gardening and growing food.

When I first started blogging I was also trying to launch a CSA farm so my first blog talked about that, with stories about turning a grass field into a garden without herbicides. At some point I brought the posts from that blog into this blog.These days, I blog about just about anything to do with gardening.

That includes writing about growing, feeding, harvesting and using vegetables, herbs, mushrooms and microgreens. As this blog grows you’ll find information on garden design, soil, composting, recycling and repurposing, keeping chickens for eggs and compost input, as well as explorations of ways of dealing with garden and plant pests, traditional and new horticulture methods, techniques and tools.

I am not the most consistent of posters, but this year I am trying to change that. I am going to post at least twice per month.

If you have any feedback on my blog, my goals and projects, or my site please leave me a comment and I will respond!

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