Healing & Regrowth


Spring 2018. After breaking my leg in January 2017, and not being able to garden at all in 2017 – I couldn’t even walk to the hoop house or rake the yard – I am looking forward to this summer. Believe it or not, I’m still on the mend, eager to finish my healing out in the sunshine, breathing the rich scent of the earth and listening to the cheerful, busy birds as they also make the most of the warm weather.

I have not even started my own seeds and in fact, will likely focus on getting things back in order this year – healing the garden too. There is pruning to do. I want to try again to root some cuttings from the heritage apples – this was my only project in 2017 but it didn’t work, no rooted cuttings.

And my blog has been languishing as a struggled to get back into my life. But every spring we get a chance to start over in our gardens. My blog is like a garden, and it is now leaving a winter and embracing life again!

Healing The Hoop House

In the big wind storm we had a week or two ago, the hoop house took some damage. In the ice storm before that, the wind removed the outer layer of plastic (and folded it up pretty neatly along the hoop house edge!) so it was down to the inner layer which is about 6 years old. It was left in tatters after the storm so we removed it. When we were putting the outer layer back on the wind caught it and lifted us off the ground! Somehow, two puny humans battled that 50 foot long parasail up and over the hoop house. It was pretty exciting but hard to video while I was flying lol.

I couldn’t believe how many weeds got into that structure in just one summer. The floor has landscape fabric and a thick layer of bark chips. This shouldn’t have happened! So this is project number one this summer – healing my hoop house.


Reclaim hoop house
Try again to root apple tree cuttings
Enjoy the garden

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