Garden Planning Chaos

Life is fast paced! If you are like me, you constantly struggle with planning your life and your garden in a truly useful and actionable way. I’ve tried an electronic planner, a paper planner, paper and e-calendars, charts on the wall, sticky notes randomly placed about the house and car, and even just winging it. Despite my best efforts…barely controlled chaos is pretty much still the order of the day. The planner search continues….

A Planner for the Garden

I like to use an undated planner so that I can begin using it at any time. I usually use the label set to customize the divider tabs and create my own perfect layout.

Garden Planner Elements I look For

  • Set garden goals for the year.
  • Track milestones like prepare soil, order seeds, order canning supplies, and start seedlings in the important dates section.
  • Set targets for monthly goals so I know when to start seeds, stake plants or to expect a harvest.
  • The project planning features are usually suited to planning out the garden milestones.
  • Link my planned harvests to weekly meal plans.
  • Track my garden budget, including what I saved by growing something myself, like a bountiful harvest of tomatoes that I turn into tomato sauce for the year.
  • Note frost dates, harvest dates, sun angle on specific dates, and anything else I decide to record and revisit during the winter months to fuel garden dreams and plan my next gardening season.

Organizing My Whole Life!

Any planner can be used for more than a garden of course. I like this planner a lot, even though it is not specifically for gardens – it’s a “whole-life organizing system”! What I like most about this deal is that I get a lot of extras. Check it out here:  Living Well Planner

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Some Other Really Nice Garden Planners

Of course there are many planners and journals out there! If this one doesn’t inspire you, maybe you can find something more suitable here.


So how do you tackle planning your garden? Leave me a reply, and let’s share ideas!